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août 12, 2016 by Regis Perruchot

What is Canarias BnB?

Canarias BnB works actively with many Spanish and foreign owners in order to make a profit on their properties all year round. Leasing your second home has become a full time job.

We offer 3 main services to home owners:
1. As the unique local player of the Canary Islands for vacation rentals, we have created a marketplace facilitating online reservations across the 7 main islands of the archipielago 24/7.
2. We post your owners’ advertisements on the ten busiest websites for holiday rentals in the Canaries, and respond quickly to reservation requests from travellers.
2. We manage your housekeeping (both cleaning and emergency maintenance) and take care of the check-in/ check-out of your guests on your behalf.

More information about Home Owner Services.

What kind of accommodation can I rent through Canarias BnB?

We advertise everything from apartments to castles, houseboats to villas. Guests book on our sites because they seek the flexibility and value that they simply can’t find at a hotel.

How do I communicate with my Guests?

In case you want to manage your property on your own, we’ll notify you via email that you have new interest from a traveler. You can read and reply to all of your messages from your Canarias BnB account’s Inbox, which helps you prioritize the items that need your attention the most.

How do I take bookings?

Travelers always pay securely on Canarias BnB and our partner websites. They request to book with you right from your listing and you can send them a quote.

When do I receive my payments?

We release all payments by bank transfer on the first week of every month for all reservations with a check-in date during the previous month. That is on the first of week of June, Canarias BnB will pay you all the guest stays who checked in during the month of May.

How much does the CanariasBnB membership cost?

If you wish to join Canarias BnB, and promote your property only on our web site it’s free! No joining fee, no marketing fee.
The only cost charged will be 15% incl. IGIC (local VAT) per reservation.

Should you decide to go for the Professional or Premium plan, there is monthly fee to help us cover our operating costs.

More information about Home Owner Services.

How does Canarias BnB turn guests' requests into reservations?

Canarias BnB’s team is responsive to holidaymakers’ information requests. We consult requests sent all day and reply to them in less than an hour. We monitor your potential tenants from their reservation request to their confirmation and payment.
Concerning your advertisement, Canarias BnB knows well the tips to make your property more valuable and therefore receive more reservations.
The title of your advertisement is chosen with care, the personalized description is enhanced by elements such as the good points of renting, the surrounding areas, quality pictures, etc.
By taking every step, we optimize the transformation of your requests into reservations.

On which websites will my property be promoted?

We are working with more than 40 partner websites for vacation rentals, both national and international. We establish new partnerships quite regularly and advise you on the most suitable distribution channels to be used depending on your property location and amenities

Does Canarias BnB take care of guests on site?

It really depends on the plan you decide to subscribe with Canarias BnB.
Depending on the plan you have chosen Canarias BnB can take care of everything: writing the ad, shooting good quality pictures, promote your property on several international websites in different languages, and managing reservation requests until payment is confirmed, but also take care of the check-in check-out management as well cleaning and emergency maintenance.

How do I know if my property is booked?

Canarias BnB gives you access to a very intuitive and simple calendar online, instantly updated when you get a reservation.
On this calendar, you can block dates for your own personal use.
Our property managers will teach you how to use the calendar at the beginning of our partnership.

Who accepts and confirms reservations? Canarias BnB or me?

Except if you choose the Basic plan, Canarias BnB ensures the management of your reservations for efficiency purposes and to take this burden off your shoulders.

Who decides on the terms and conditions of the property rental (price, minimum stay, deposit, etc.)?

Our property managers undertake a price study to give you the most appropriate price for your property.
This is the reason why they study the properties in your surroundings which are similar to yours and eventually advise on price adjustments in order to make it as marketable as possible.
For minimum stays or deposits, our property managers will advise you but you obviously have the final say on the minimum duration of your property’s lease as well as the amount of your deposit.

Why should I work with Canarias BnB? What can you do that I can't do myself?

The key benefits of working with Canarias BnB include: a dedicated multidisciplinary and multilingual profesionnal team with many years of experience in tourism in the Canary Islands.
In a nutshell, we put at your disposal all the necessary competences to help you make the outmost of your property through vacation rentals.

You save time, stay away from the hassle and earn more money!

Can I control who rents my home?

Of course! You are always in control of who rents your home. Every inquiry and booking request comes to Canarias BnB but under the House rules that you have set up. We normally talk to the potential guests to find out more about them and make sure they’re a good fit for your property.